Cute blonde Skye Daniels gets nailed hard

by My Wife's Hot Friend on Feb 10, 2013


Skye's just had lunch with Alex's wife, who suggested that this juicy bitch stop by her house, & borrow a dress for a big dinner she's going to. Telling her she'd leave it out for her to find, Skye let's herself into the house to grab it, having no idea that her friends husband is actually home. this whore finds the dress in the bedroom, & attempts to sneak in & grab it without waking the man up, which he does. After introductions & an explanation, Alex suggests this juicy bitch try the dress on, & be sure it fits before leaving. In no time things get a little touchy feely, & before this juicy bitch knows it Skye is borrowing a dress & her friends man, just for the day of course.