Dors Feline - Feline-eous

by Score HD on Sep 19, 2011


While Terri Jane was revealing her incredible, huge knock-out knockers inside the SCORELAND titty palace, an equally jawdropping Brit named Dors Feline was on the other side of mammary manor under tropical blue skies. Dors descends the outdoor staircase, dressed in a super-tight red top, cut low for max cleavage, and a very tight mini-skirt. Dors is the kind of babe who could cause fender-benders and traffic chaos all over town should she choose to, simply being herself. Smiling, Dors jiggles, bounces and shakes, a sight no tit-man with tiger blood could ever get tired of. She turns around, spanks her butt, jiggles it and lifts her skirt to show her bare buttcheeks, her red thong the dividing line between neighboring mounds of butt cheek. Then, the magic moment comes and comes early. Dors takes her boobies out and no more spectacular sight exists in this universe. Dors is not silent either. She begins talking about sitting on your face with her big, bouncing butt, and wrapping her heavy chest pillows around your rod. And this is only the beginning of a SCORELAND super-video that every tit-man will savor. Dors, our brains turn to mush in your presence and all we can say right now is, "Winning!"